Doss Owls Under The Stars Book Fair Features Local Authors

December 15, 2022

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By: Alana Moehring Mallard
Photos: Bonnie Lang


The favorite authors of Doss Elementary’s book fair last month came in their pajamas.

“Six pajama-clad and local authors were the stars of the night,” said Doss librarian Bonnie Lang of the book fair’s evening Doss Stories and Milk & Cookies. “They read their amazing stories to a packed house of milk and cookie eating Doss Owls.” Lang said the turnout was so unexpectedly high that it required a quick trip to HEB for more milk and cookies.

Reading their books for the kids on milk and cookie night were Meghan P. Browne, reading from Indelible Ann: the larger-than-life story of Governor Ann Richards; Lindsay Leslie, who read from Dusk Explorers; Melissa Coffey, reading her book Fridge-Opolis; Anne Wynter, reading from Everybody in the Red Brick Building; Kari Lavelle, who read her book We Move the World; and Robin McGrath, reading Dolly! The story of Dolly Parton and her big dream.

And, really, you need to look carefully in the photo at those PJs the authors are wearing, because they coordinated with their books: retro Austin icons, twilight’s pink and grey swishes, colorful and audacious food snacks, red and black squares, colors of the rainbow in stripes and hearts, starry dots.

Doss book fair, called Owls Under the Stars, was sponsored by Black Pearl Books, and featured special events such as early morning readings on the porch by Doss teachers; happy hour at Black Pearl Books for teachers; a coffee for parents with a discussion of favorite books of the season led by librarians Bonnie Lang and Celeste Pustka, and Doss parent Erin Quinn-Kong; and a special shopping time and social for parents and kids after the Fifth Grade Musical, Four Birthdays and a Recital.

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Signing advance reader copies of FRIDGE-OPOLIS at Little Bee’s booth at TLA in Fort Worth on April 26!



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