Little Bee Books

Debuts September 6, 2022

Illustrated by Josh Cleland

In the jam-packed city of Fridge-opolis, Swiss cheese has turned moldy and bleu. The broccoli is in a cruciferous mood. And the dressings are cloudy with gloom. With the city in chaos, Mayor Mayonnaise calls on Doctor Baking Soda at Undersink Labs for help. Will they be able to save Fridge-opolis from utter rancid ruin? This pun-filled picture book is a humorous introduction to food waste, recycling and composting for young readers.


Holy Guacamole!

Americans dump up to a staggering 40 percent of all food produced each year! Yet record numbers of people (many of them kids) face hunger and food insecurity. Food waste is a huge — but often overlooked — problem, and is a major contributor to climate change since the number one thing in landfills is rotting food which generates methane.

Little sponge souls, you are pure light.

May I be so blessed to share a story together…

To hear you burst into gorgeous belly laughs.

To watch your miraculous synapses fire.

To honor whatever your sparrow heart feels.

I hold you in my words.

May you see yourself in my pages.​