About Me

I’m Melissa Coffey, and I’ve always loved words. I grew up in the Wisconsin tundra toting around a book bag and my dog-eared, spiral notebook of poetry and stories. Unsurprisingly, my first job was at the public library. After earning a journalism degree from UW-Madison, I moved to Atlanta and called CNN Center home. Then I launched my own freelance business, Coffey Creative. After 20+ years of writing professionally for Fortune 500 clients, CEOs and magazines, it was time. Time to dive more deeply into honoring my call—the one pinned on my soul’s lapel like a giant prom corsage when I was barely a teen. Now I get to author stories of my heart…stories I hope spark delight, wonder, curiosity, empathy and connection.   

I live ​in Austin, Texas, with my husband and two sons—who thankfully inherited my book-loving genes.

I am represented by literary agent Charlotte Wenger at Prospect Agency.

I am a member of SCBWI and the author collective, Kidlit Caravan.