Jason Meek Photography

Melissa lives to connect with your audience!

Melissa enjoys the spotlight and a breathless audience, hearing the surprise and screams coming from a crowd or watching the lights dance on her skin while she defies gravity. Most of all she aims to be an expression of beauty, music, or theme touching the audience in a striking, memorable and inspiring way.

Melissa’s Circus and performance skills range from aerial dance and partnering in the air, to target cutting with bullwhips, fire performance, partner acro balance, prop dancing, stilts, burlesque, and fan dancing.  Melissa performs at festivals, for corporate events, for film, in art galleries, in nightclubs, and other venues as a soloist, a duet, or troupe.

Contact Melissa by phone: 404-402-5704 (best way is by voice!!)

Or by email: dances.in.air@gmail.com