Originally a lingerie, apparel, and costume designer, Melissa let her love of music carry her into dance and ultimately found aerial dance. She now finds herself performing on stages, in theaters, galleries and nightclubs much like the performers she once costumed.

She builds a repertoire of original acts and characters specifically for each client or occasion. These acts create an atmosphere that goes beyond normal standards of food and dj services to someone who develops a character like an actor for their audience. Styles range from simple aerial excitement to modern movement, vaudeville, cabaret, cirque, or fantasy characters. Her characters have many themes: an organ grinder with her monkey, the preening peacock, the fiery phoenix, a sea of mermaids, flying spirits, aerial go-go dancers, or vaudeville clowns vying for each other’s attention.

Melissa enjoys the spotlight and a breathless audience, hearing the surprise and screams coming from a crowd or watching the lights dance on her skin while she defies gravity. Most of all she aims to be an expression of beauty, music, or theme touching the audience in a striking, memorable and inspiring way.

Melissa is part of several troupes and cofounder of an aerial studio. She invents apparatuses when she has the time, money and need, invents characters and stretches into new skills when inspired. Costuming and apparel design remain a passion and lend themselves heavily to characters and involvement in circus as well. She is always looking to collaborate artistically with other artists and clients.

Melissa’s Circus and performance skills range from aerial dance and partnering in the air, to target cutting with bullwhips, fire performance, partner acro balance, prop dancing, stilts, burlesque, and fan dancing. She loves to teach, training her students holistically while they develop and grow into their abilities. She values expression, but demands intentionality with form, effort and gesture. Melissa performs at festivals, for corporate events, for film, in art galleries, in nightclubs, and other venues as a soloist, a duet, or troupe. She is currently part of Liquid Sky performance troupe, Endless Entertainment,  and the Hot Toddies Flaming Cabaret.

Contact Melissa by phone: 404-402-5704 (best way is by voice!!)

Or by email: dances.in.air@gmail.com